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WOOD you like a tutorial?

Corny?  Yes…But that’s pretty much me in a nutshell–corny and a little bit nutty.

WOOD LETTERS TUTORIAL!!! (Did you say that out loud like the UFC’s Bruce Buffer?  Cause I did.  You should, too.)

Soooo….Other people spend 2 hours at a time in Joann Fabrics, right?  I have a lot of projects to hit you with, but this is the first one I finished.  It was so easy!  I decided that I do not have enough fall decorations.  I’m sure the truth is that I have more than the average Joe, but I’m nutty…remember?

Joann’s sells plain wood letters that you can finish anyway you’d like.  I bought white ones that can stand by themselves.  I believe they were under $2/piece, but I bought them on sale.  At first I grabbed the letters “B” “O” and “O”, but then I decided it would be smarter to get something with a longer decor run.  I’ll keep my fall stuff up until I decorate for Christmas.  I waltzed back to the area with the wood letters and pulled out the letters to spell “fall”.  Hubby and I stood in the aisle and debated for quite some time.  You see, I think the “F” looks like an “E”.  He reminded me that I was nuts.  I really wanted “fall” instead of “boo” so I let him talk me into it.  Now that they’re finished, I like the “F” so much better.  I decided to decorate them with scrapbook paper and some sort of embellishment.  At first I thought I’d adhere the paper with modge podge, but that stuff makes me nervous.  I decided to go with spray adhesive, and I am super happy with my decision.  It was so quick and easy!
Here’s what I did!

Step 1:  Choose your letters.
Step 2:  Choose scrapbook paper and embellishments. (I went with 3D leaf stickers.  Did you know they made 3D stickers?!)

Letters lined up to decide on a pattern

Step 3:  Take paper and turn over to the “wrong” side.  Do the same with the wood letter.
Step 4:  Carefully use exacto knife to trace along the edges of each letter.
Step 5:  Cover the front of the letter with spray adhesive and smooth on the paper.

Place the letter near the edge and you'll be able to use the rest of the paper for another project!

Step 6:  Add the stickers and bend up the sides.

Step 7:  That’s it!  Line up your letters and admire!  So.fracking.easy!  Pretty sure I’ll need to make a set for each holiday…

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Wine & Flowers

Before I get down to business here, I wanted to inform you just how terrible I am with anything (oh, and I really mean anything) that needs the tiniest bit of coordination.  Trying to play fetch with Kyra (our 2-year-old cockapoo) turns into warfare in our house.  Just this afternoon I attempted to throw a toy for her and it proceeded to bounce off the table sending quite a few icing flowers cascading to the floor.  Needless to say, the sugar raining down on her distracted her from the toy and even now she’s bouncing off the walls on a sugar high.  Yippee…

Anywhoo.  Me = uncoordinated.  The reason I’m explaining this to you is so that you understand just why I am soooo excited about yesterday’s adventure!  Are you ready for it?

I waded into the kiddie pool of cake decorating.  Yep…me.

I was doubting my ability to have the slow, steady, and precise movements needed for all those tiny little decorations, but Wilton has made it easy for people like me!  So last night I whipped up a batch of Royal Icing and started my journey as a cake decorator.  (Royal icing can be left to dry hard and then stored away for future use.)  The decorating kit I bought came with a beginner’s guide and I simply followed the steps.  Honestly, that’ 

I started with the leaves first, and I think that was a really good idea.  I used tip #67 and icing color Moss Green.  This is called a “veined leaf”…at least it is in the world of cake decorating.  Basically you just squeeze the bag harder at first, and lessen up as you are pulling away.  Super easy!


After the leaves, I moved on to the flowers.  I started with tip #129 and icing color violet to make “swirl drop flowers”.  I would recommend that you start with just regular drop flowers before moving on to the swirl drop.  I’m a super novice and had NO idea there was a difference.  With the leaves, I was making darn near perfect ones right out of the gate.  That wasn’t the case with the purple flowers.  This is where the wine part of the title comes in to play.  I wasn’t grasping what Wilton was telling me, and I was getting frustrated.  So I cranked up the music, opened the wine, and took a breath and guess what…I figured it out!  So, they aren’t as beautiful and perfect looking as the ones in this book, but they are still cute!  I don’t think I can explain the process any better than Wilton does, so I’ll just tell you to go get the book. 🙂

After figuring out the “Swirl Drop Flowers” I felt pretty good about tackling the regular old “Drop Flowers”.  Same basic principle except without a wrist twist.  I also used a smaller tip, so they are smaller flowers.  Tip #225 and icing color rose petal.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed with Wilton.  Heck, I’m even sort of impressed with me!  Haha!  I’m excited to try out more decorating ideas, and to move on to an actual cake!  I urge you to take a crack at this whole cake decorating thing, it might be easier than you think! 

(Sidenote:  I’m quite certain cake decorating to the professional extent is not easy at ALL, but there are plenty of techniques us average folks can use to make our desserts appear above average.  Oh, also I’m pretty sure that all cake decorators must have a wicked case of arthritis.  The wine helps…)