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Gimme a Sign!

Hiddey-Ho, Neighbors!  I would like to apologize to all of you that noticed my lack of blogging, lately.  I needed to put blogtime on hold for a tiny bit to focus my attention on my other hobby – photography.   (Though I kept on crafting!) I’m just starting out and learning the ropes, but I’m really enjoying it!  I started up a facebook page to build myself a portfolio.  I’m not yet sure where I’m going with it, but feel free to check me out!

I promise this blog won’t throw photography stuff all up in your beeswax. (Ha…see what I did there? Probably not so funny if I have to point it out, eh?)  So…moving, on! I shall do another one of my loverly recaps for you folks.  There was a cake-themed one a few months ago. This one is all about signs!

Numero Uno!

Well, this is actually a two-fer.  Our dining room had this weird blank spot that I’ve been wanting to cover up with some form of artwork.  Problem? Art is expensive, yo!  My eyes have been peeled, just searching for the perfect something to make myself.  Pinterest helped, of course!  I stumbled upon these lovely gems and fell in love.  I spent a few days looking up quotes and phrases trying to decide on one for my canvas.  I found a bunch and emailed them off to the hubby for final decision-making.  He instead emailed me back a list of nerd-a-rific quotes.  (Think Goonies, Star Wars, Doctor Who…)  I called him giggling, and said “I am not putting Goonies never say die! on my dining room wall…the word DIE does not belong up there!”   We’re laughing and he’s giving me other “wonderful” ideas when I realized this could really be fun!  I would get to pick a quote and he would get a quote and we’d make TWO canvases!   I just requested that he choose a quote that didn’t involve death. 😉

After choosing our quotes I headed up to Joann Fabrics.  I purchased two canvases and two bags of wooden letters.  (I actually purchased WAY more than that and spent two full hours in the store that night.  These were the only things I needed for this project, though. J)  I had already purchased some almond spray paint and super glue from Walmart.

I went home and was super pumped to get started.  The wooden letters didn’t have a breakdown of what was in each bag.  I didn’t really think twice about it.  Sigh…I really should have.  I opened the packs of letters and started laying out the design on my canvases.  Shoot. Not enough letters.  Joann’s is a good 20 minutes from my house and it was too late to run back up to grab another pack.  Completion would have to wait a few days.

I finally made it back to Joann’s where I grabbed another pack of letters with no breakdown of what was inside.  I started assembly for the second time when I realized….not.enough.letters.  I was short one letter.  Stupid Y’s!  I had to wait a few more days (again) before I could finish it for real.  Big sigh…

Making the signs was actually really simple.  You just have to line the words up however you’d like, glue them down, and spray paint over the whole thing.  Easy as pie!


I literally have no place to put this at the moment, but I loved the idea of it.  I stumbled upon the quote “I fall a little more for you everyday” and instantly I knew I had to turn it into a piece of art for my favorite season: Fall!  I bought a piece of canvas and stole a fabric leaf from my mom.  Yay cheap art! 🙂  I kind of played around with the layout using Word on my computer, but ultimately I just winged it in the moment.  I don’t love
my handwriting, but I’m one of those sad crafters without a silhouette or cricut.  (Saving up money to change that, yay!!)

The steps are really easy!

1. Spray paint canvas.  I used the color “Boot” I had leftover from other projects.

2. Decide on a layout for words and leaf.

3. Glue leaf in place.  I used super glue, but since the leaf is so thin it kind of leaked through a bit.  There’s a spot that has a weird crustiness
from the glue.  Sad day.  I think I would recommend hot glue.

4. Paint on the words and you’re done!

I had to go over the words a few times which made my “FALL” not look so hot.  The color was just too close to the brown.  I’ve been tossing
around the idea of adding some white around those letters to make them stand out a bit more.  Based on past experience, though, I think I’m just going to “leaf” it alone.  (I crack myself up…its sad, actually. Lol!)  Usually the more I dink around with something, the worse it looks.  Best to just walk away.  The word “perfect” should be erased from my memory….

I’m still loving the concept, but my outcome isn’t making me jump for joy.  Guess someone’s just going to have to buy me a silhouette… 😉


PS – I add the phrase “a-rooni” onto the end of just about everything.  Nope, I don’t know why…

Do you remember when I blogged about the baby gifts?  Well, that amazing little boy has entered this crazy world we live in!  Yay, babies!!
As you could imagine, I have a bunch of wood letters leftover from the first signs I made.  I used a few of them to make his name stand out from the rest of the sign.  I really like how it turned out!

First, I spray-painted the canvas grey and painted the wood letters a nice yellow color.  I’m really picky with the color yellow.  A lot of times I just really don’t like it.  When we first bought our house, our kitchen was a gross yellow color.  It was just so overly bright!  But, I actually like this yellow color!

The rest of the words I just hand painted.  Man, that makes me nervous!  I used a post-it to plan out the layout –I’m really high-tech. 😉  I did mess up a little bit, but I fixed it with a little spray paint.  I sprayed some grey onto some cardboard and then used a paint brush to touch up.  It worked great!

I stapled a bit of ribbon to the back so that they can hang it up if they’d like.  I’m really happy how this one turned out!

I forgot to take a picture after my touch up...


Sew So Cute!

Babies.  Maybe it’s just because I’m at that ripe old age now where my friends and past classmates are having children, but babies seem to be everywhere right now, don’t they?  If I had enough time, brain power, and creativity I would forever stay away from the “boring” gift.  I love giving gifts that are out of the norm.  Something handmade, unexpected, or meaningful just has a bit more oompf after that fancy wrapping paper is gone. 

I’m pretty close with my cousin, so when she told me she was expecting I knew that I wanted her gift to be more than just something I pulled off their registry.  And it definitely had to be useful!  I scoured the internet for ideas and found several pages that suggested adding a personal touch to onesies or burp cloths.  Those are two things that are universal for all parents and babies and sounded like the perfect gift idea!  Never mind the fact that I haven’t sewed since the 7th grade…when it was mandatory.  All of a sudden I was pretty sure I’d be the next Martha Stewart.

Once my cousin found out that her bundle of joy is blue, I decided to applique 3 different patterns onto various sizes of onesies.  I went with a super cute tie that I found on Crap I’ve Made,  a star, and a ducky .  (I found those last two on google image search.)  I used the pictures on the links as a rough template for my applique.  You can also click on the link for the tie for a different explanation of how to make these adorable little onesies.  I read her tutorial, wrote virtually nothing down and headed off to the brand new Joann Fabrics store with a very limited amount of time.  Bad.idea. 

          Number one, Joann Fabrics is intoxicating.  I could get lost in those aisles for days…and this was a new store. 

          Two, baby things are freaking adorable.  I’d find a fabric and geek out at all the things I could do with it.  I think I finally reigned myself in at 5 different fabrics.

          Three, what the crap is Wonder Under?  What does it look like?  Where amongst all this sewing stuff do I find it?  And finally, why are there 900 different types of fusible fabric?!

I made all my purchases and headed on my way only to later realize that I, of course, purchased the wrong type of Wonder Under.  Turns out I should have purchased one that would have allowed me to just iron my fabric applique right to the onesie.  Mine only fused to one side of the fabric, so I guess I just stiffened my fabric up a bit.  I just used some spray adhesive instead.

1.  Decide on shapes to applique and print off and cut out templates.
2.  Trace the shapes onto fusible fabric and cut out.  (Or lazily attempt to hold the template onto the fabric while cutting.)
3.  Iron the fusible fabric to the wrong side (the side you won’t see) of your fabric to be appliqued.  Then cut out your shape.
4.  Iron the onesie so that you have a nice flat surface to work with while sewing.
5.  Spray applique with spray adhesive and attach to onesie exactly how you’d like the finished product.  It’s a good idea to play around with this BEFORE you spray it down.
6.  Take a break because you are terrified to start the actual sewing portion of this project.
7.  Come back the next day with a fresh outlook.  It’ll be a piece a cake!  These designs are mostly straight lines!
8.  Locate your instruction manual for your older-than-dirt sewing machine.  Read a little bit and think to yourself, “I got this!” 
9.  Remove the bobbin to check thread color.  It’s white!  Score!  Put bobbin back in and try to get the thread up into the machine. 
10.  Try again… and again… and again.
11.  Curse yourself for removing the bobbin in the first place.  Allow your hubby to be “the rescuer” and “take a look at it for you”.  Pick up the instruction manual and finally figure it out.
12.  Begin sewing until the machine jams.  Put down whatever object you were about to throw and walk away.
13.  Call in a friend to sit there with you and figure it out.  (Thank you, Katie!!)
14.  Stich around the entire applique and you’re done!

My finished products aren’t to Martha standards, I’m sure, but I think they turned out pretty great for my complete lack of experience.  Check it out!


I also spruced up some burp cloths.  I bought 6 ply padded diapers from Target.  I had previously purchased some from Wal-Mart, but the ends on those diapers are more rounded.  All I did was sew some ribbon onto one side.  I messed my first one up pretty good.  (That whole reading directions thing got me once again…)  On my first one I did also try to add ribbon to both sides.  I didn’t love the way it looked with lots of stitching, so I stuck to just one side.  Go ahead and check out Felt So Cute for her burp cloth tutorial,too!  She was my inspiration, here!

1.  Cut a piece of ribbon long enough for one end of the burp cloth, but leave a little extra length.
2.  Fold the end of the ribbon under (make a hem) and line up with the end of the burp cloth. 
3.  Pin the ribbon in place all along the burp cloth.  Make sure to fold over and pin the other end of the ribbon as well.
4.  Sew along all 4 sides of the ribbon.  That’s it!

In hindsight, I should have done these first.  A straight line would have been a nice way to ease me into this whole sewing thing.  Regardless of my mishaps, I’m looking forward to doing a bit more sewing!  Someday I would like to make myself some new curtains!

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