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I think one is supposed to stop and put your hands up when you hear “Freeze!”, but my mind just keeps going “Hammer Time!”  Yeah…I don’t get it either.  Stop…Freeze.  Not even close.  Whatevskis… 

(I’ll pause here for you to go get your 90’s on…You know you want to…)

Back? Gnarly.  Anyone else feel a strong urge to go call someone a scrub
Moving on!  I swear there’s a point to this post.  Maybe someday I’ll blog and NOT ramble….Ha.  Such a jokester…

Awhile back I mentioned that I may or may not have a slight obsession with my slow cooker.  Well, this post slaps me in the face with that “may not”.  We’re full steam ahead on this obsession!  You see, last night I made SIX meals, none of which we actually ate.  (That was meal number seven, but I made hubby whip that one together.)  I threw virtually all the ingredients for six separate slow cooker meals into individually labeled freezer bags and plopped those suckers right into the freezer.  I think this may be the smartest thing I’ve ever done.  You know, besides marrying hubby.  (Sometimes he reads these…) 

Now, all I have to do is dump the contents into a crock pot in the morning and we’ll have a meal ready to go when we get home from work!  I think I’m going to try to do this at least once a month.  I’ll wait for some good sales and just go nuts! 

Obviously I can’t give you a verdict on the tastiness of the six meals, but I can at least list them here for you!  I wrote the name, date, and cooking instructions for each meal on the outside of the bag. 

    • Cranberry Porkchops (I used chops instead of a roast.  A big pack of chops was on sale. :))
    • Orange-Apricot Porkchops
    • Beef Stew (Code for throwing anything I can find into a bag and adding stew meat and a stew seasoning packet.)
    • Jalapeno Pot Roast (I don’t love spicy, so I stuck to just one jalapeno.  I would have done the green chiles instead, but I was out.  Also, I made a note on my ziplock bag to add sour cream at the end of the cooking time.  Totally would have forgotten otherwise.)
    • Creamy Beef over Noodles (I didn’t have anymore stew meat, so I just ripped apart a hunk of ground beef and called it a day.  I used cow’s milk instead of soy milk, shrugged my shoulders at “herbs de Provence” and just whipped in some italian seasonings instead.  I’m Italian…it worked for me.  I also made a note about adding cream cheese at the end of the cooking time and serving over rice or noodles.)
    • Red Sauce Beef Stew (This was a nice little experiment.  There was a can of tomato soup, some browned ground beef, beef broth, onion soup mix, and some random veggies involved.  It’s a crock pot.  Nothing can go wrong, right?)

Non-Frozen Meat Looks Less Than Appetizing

Someday It'll Look Delicious

I’m pumped to have ready-to-go meals that are homemade and NOT loaded with sodium!  Do you have any favorite slow cooker meals?  Looks like I’ll be needing some recipes.  I’m so excited I just…

Can’t stop this! 

(Yes, it was completely necessary. :D)

 The Stuff of Success


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Hello, my name is Erica. I am a 27 year old wife to Dan, and furbaby mom to Kyra. I have a degree in Radio/TV/Film and an unhealthy obsession with taking pictures. I am currently a system administrator searching for creative outlets.

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  1. Can I say….I hate computers…..Now I feel better..on to my note…

    Just wanted to say…wow….pre-planning….go Erica….also Just love your writing skills..they always bring a smile to my face….Can’t stop this 🙂
    Love ya

  2. Okay, this is an awesome idea. Mike’s not really a fan of Crock Pot food… BUT I think with a little variety other than the basic- stew, cooked carrots, etc. I think it could be a hit… Just worried about our hours. Maybe a weekend thing?! Nice work m’friend.

    • You definitely have to check out the Stephanie O’dea’s website where I got most of my recipes. I got her cookbook for Christmas, too. She’s pretty much amazing! For Christmas last year I also got a crockpot with a timer on it. Maybe you should check into that. I ❤ crockpot. Tell Mike to trust me…there's more than just stew!


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