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Why, oh wine…

…do you taste soooo good?  I mean I like grapes just as much as the next chap, but something magical happens between Lucille Ball stomping on them and me drinking their fermented goodness.  But…I bet you want to know what tastes even better than wine.  (I swear it’s possible!)  Well, my dear friends, take a little look-see at sangria.  Oh my dear heavens, this stuff is tasty.  Nectar of the gods, I tell ya!  It even sounds delicious.  Say it with me…sanngggriiiiaaaahhhh.   Yep.  Delicious. 

Know what’s even better?  It’s so simple to make!  You’ll only need 4 ingredients:  wine, sugar, fruit, and ginger ale.  Come on, you can’t tell me that doesn’t sound like pure awesomeness.  We took this along on our camping trip to share with the crew.  I didn’t know how much I needed, so I tripled it.  That was perhaps too much.  (There were 8 of us, but apparently not everyone loves wine the way I do… Yeah, I think they’re crazy, too.)

Okay, enough yammering.  Recipe time!  (FYI – This is my tripled version.)

1 large bottle (1.5L) of Livingston Red Rosé
1 bottle (750 ML) of Wollersheim Blushing Rose
1 cup of sugar
A bunch of sliced strawberries that you didn’t measure but think was maybe about 3 cups (mine were frozen)
A bunch of raspberries (I did a bag of frozen ones plus one tiny container of fresh)
2 liter bottle of ginger ale
Some lemons

Pour bottles of wine into large pitcher/jug. 
Add the sugar and stir well.
Add the fruit (minus lemons) and give a quick stir.
Cover and let the magic happen overnight in the refrigerator.
Prior to serving add the ginger ale and a sliced lemon to each glass.  (You could also be lazy like me and just slice up the lemon and dump it in the pitcher.)

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Hello, my name is Erica. I am a 27 year old wife to Dan, and furbaby mom to Kyra. I have a degree in Radio/TV/Film and an unhealthy obsession with taking pictures. I am currently a system administrator searching for creative outlets.

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  1. Oh I love sangria! never knew how to make it! thanks so fun:) cheers

  2. Ohhh, I LOVE sangria! Can’t wait to try this one! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I am right there with you. I love my wine. What a cool recipe. Never knew you could make sangria with it. My only concern is that with adding the one cup of sugar that might send me off into orbital space! 🙂 Still well worth the try. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Haha this made me laugh out loud a little. I’m one of those pregnant people you talked about in your previous post…and reading this made me miss sangria. Only a few more months and I can indulge in a glass..or 5. I’m gonna need it!


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